Trolls and Their Victims: The Real Cost of Online Harassment

The Devastating Effects of Online Trolling and Cyberbullying

When Words Become Weapons: Understanding the Impact of Cyberbullying

Online technology has brought numerous benefits to our lives, from enabling us to connect with others to providing us with an endless stream of information. However, the anonymity that the internet provides has also made it easier for bullies, also known as trolls, to spread misery online. In this article, we will explore the devastating effects of online trolling and cyberbullying, and what can be done to prevent it.

The Prevalence of Online Trolling

Online trolling has become so commonplace that many people have experienced insults or name-calling from these bullies. According to ABC Net, an online poll revealed that more than a quarter of Americans have admitted to engaging in trolling at some point. The anonymity that the internet provides makes trolling even more complicated since many individuals who are trolled are not able to identify the sender.

The Damaging Effects of Trolling and Cyberbullying

Trolling and cyberbullying can be severe and damaging, causing people to become deeply distressed. It can result in individuals deciding to quit social media or online activities altogether, as seen with Ed Sheeran’s experience. “One comment ruins your day,” he told The Sun. Such comments can also affect an individual’s mental health, causing symptoms of depression and anxiety. This is the desired effect since “no consideration is given to the victims by the people who troll online,” according to Bullies Out. Many individuals feel isolated by trolling and are reluctant to tell anyone that they have been receiving these messages.

The effects of being bullied can have severe consequences on an individual’s physical, emotional, academic, and social well-being, as Bullies Out reports. “Many sufferers of bullying lack confidence, feel bad about themselves, have few friends, and spend a lot of time alone.” The results can be devastating, sometimes driving people to self-harm.

The Causes of Trolling

According to ABC Net, trolls are motivated by “atypical social rewards.” Trolls also tend to be male and have higher levels of sadism traits and psychopathy traits. The anonymity that the internet provides, coupled with these characteristics, makes trolling more accessible and widespread.

Preventing Online Trolling and Cyberbullying

Preventing online trolling and cyberbullying requires a collective effort from everyone. Parents, schools, and authorities need to educate people on responsible online behavior, emphasizing the harmful effects of trolling and cyberbullying. Online platforms must also take the necessary measures to protect their users from bullies, including implementing stricter policies and tools to report and block abusive behavior.

Online trolling and cyberbullying can have severe consequences on an individual’s physical and mental health. We must all do our part in preventing this harmful behavior by promoting responsible online behavior and implementing stricter policies and tools to report and block abusive behavior. Together, we can create a safer and more welcoming online environment for everyone.






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